About Us

The Power of People - that's the Blufox Difference!

Executive Summary

Blufox Mobile LLC operates a portfolio of branded store locations for Comcast Xfinity. Blufox Mobile is one of three branded authorized retailers of Comcast Xfinity – a provider of high-speed internet, TV and streaming, home security systems, and mobile services to residential and business customers nationwide.

Since the opening of the first two stores in April 2018, BluFox has experienced robust growth. Currently, the Company manages a portfolio of over 50 branded locations in the states of CT, FL, GA, MA, MD, NH, TN, TX, VA, and WV, which serve as a point-of-contact for residential Comcast Xfinity customers in their service area and offer the full suite of products and packages of the Xfinity brand.

Experienced Management Team and Data-Driven Decision Making

With a 16-year average industry tenure, the talented and experienced management team has played a critical role in the Company’s growth and success within a very competitive landscape. Since its foundation in 2018, Blufox has set on a path of rapidly expanding its retail footprint and extending its organizational reach.

Management has created formalized policies, procedures, and relationships that foster store development and openings, employee recruitment and training, and a customer-focused culture in a data-driven performance evaluation framework.

Blufox organizational structure emphasizes employee development and customer satisfaction. The corporate center is focused on facilitating growth, advancing operational efficiencies, enhancing training and communication, and enabling successful practice sharing between individual stores at the local and regional level. Store level management is empowered to finetune hiring, highlight specifics of the offering, and tailor the image of the store towards the specific of the service area.

Core Values and Company Culture

The Company endeavors to be a dedicated premier Xfinity partner and a leading retail store operator, serving its customers’ needs and providing a platform of growth for its employees. Blufox promotes and fosters a customer-minded culture by focusing on product knowledge, value delivery, and a solutions-based offering grounded in the scope of products and services provided by Xfinity.

All associates strive to engage each customer and find an answer to their needs. The organization grows by practicing and delivering an unwavering dedication to a value-added customer experience and customer satisfaction. With an incentive-aligned compensation structure, Blufox aims to become the Xfinity retailer of choice for both customers and employees alike.